Yesterday, I did something that I should have done earlier: I tried a new physician.

You know how some sexy, gorgeous people have a string of broken hearts behind them (or a jar of hearts, if you are under 30)? I leave in my wake a staggering number of medical professionals who can’t or won’t help me. Some have actually harmed me. This is why I have taken charge of my own health. Someone has to be responsible for this and honestly, it is MY JOB. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

In the last few months my energy has tanked. I have had days where I feel encased in chain mail. My sleep is disrupted. The pain is always circling, ready to pounce. My diet became sloppy, but what really triggered it was STRESS. We moved a relative in with us and his health immediately plummeted, causing him months of mental, emotional and physical trauma. A month ago he was facing hospice. Due to our efforts to get him care against his will, and forcing him to participate in medications and therapies, he is now almost fully restored. But it took its toll on my health and required that I get help.

So today I took a chance and met with a PA new to my previous doctor’s office. She is younger than me which doesn’t make me feel INADEQUATE AT ALL. But I knew from observing her with other patients that she at least listens.

Me: “I read on the [practice’s] web site that you are interested in healing through nutrition.”

She: “Yes! I am very interested.”

Me: “Are you familiar with Dr. Terry Wahls?”

She: “Very much so.”

Me: [Getting excited] “And Paleomom?”

She: “I have her book in my office.”

Thud. I have a new Valentine.

Me: “Would you be interested in helping me to heal myself through nutrition? To order tests to track my progress, and tweak treatment as I go?”

She: “Yes.”

So…today I had a 2 Liter bottle of Diet Pepsi sized portion of my blood removed for evaluation. Seriously, they had to tap two veins. The first started closing up and shouting profanities at the tech. The second was cool with it because he doesn’t want to get a reputation.

We are testing for thyroid, Lyme, scleroderma, MTHFR gene variant Vitamin B tests, Vitamin D, and stuff I can’t remember because I have a disease that makes me dense.

She suggested that I may want to consider the Autoimmune Protocol instead of Paleo because I need to turn up the healing. My body is literally tender to the touch. It’s swollen, creaky, feels like I have molasses in my veins, and it is still significantly better than it was two years ago.

So I am now looking at the AIP cookbooks in my collection. As long as I have the energy to do both, I will note my progress and favorite meals in this blahg.